Yahoo is exceptionally open and simple to utilize mailing stage. It benefits different security includes in its stage. A portion of its security highlights incorporates Two-advance confirmation, Yahoo Account Key, App Password, Spam Guard and considerably more. Out of all these mailing offices, Account security is the most valuable security highlights to be utilized in your Yahoo mail account. Yahoo also facilitates users with Yahoo customer service number to completely rectify issues persisting in their mailing account as well as to eradicate problems related with Yahoo account security. In order to enable Yahoo account key feature for your Yahoo account, it sends a prompt on your registered mobile device.

What is the notification message, you receive while turning off yahoo account key?

The notification comes up with a message Are you signing in as username from Web Browser's name, Operating System's name?

With this message, clients get two choices, yes or no, so when you will tap on Yes choice, Yahoo gifts access to your Yahoo account, and in the event that you tap on No alternative, Yahoo won't enable access to your Yahoo account. Additionally, to make your Yahoo account more secure, Yahoo may provoke to enter a Record Key which will be sent to your application.
These enhanced features minimize the risk of hacking considerably. You can quickly activate Account Key for your Yahoo Account by following these features:

Steps to Turn On Yahoo Account Key

Sign in to your Yahoo Account
Now point your mouse cursor
Point your mouse cursor over your Profile Picture located on the top-right corner of your Yahoo account
From the drop-down menu
Click on the Account info option
In the Account info window
Click on the Account security option
Click on the See how it works key
You will be given a demonstration as to how to use the Account Key option
Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Yahoo Account Key activation process

So, this is how you can quickly activate the feature for your Yahoo account.

If you ever wish to turn off Yahoo Account Key feature from the computer and mobile app, you can do so easily by following the step-by-step instructions provided below:

Steps to Turn Off Account Key from a Computer

Go to your Yahoo Account
Take your mouse cursor over your Profile Picture located on the upper-right side
Select the Account Info option from the drop-down menu

In Account info window

Click on the Account security option
Under Account security window
Locate option – Yahoo Account Key is enabled
Click on the Disable Account Key option located at the bottom of the page
Click on the Got it button
You can follow these significant steps to turn off Yahoo account key easily. If you get confused or have any query, you can feel free to attain our immediate help and support via Yahoo customer service number for help.

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